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  1. New
    Sheer Floral Knickers Lovely Sheer Floral Knickers Lovely
    as low as €12.95
  2. Suntime Veiled Knee-high Suntime Veiled Knee-high
    as low as €7.95
  3. Lace Effect Sheer Knee-Highs Moony Lace Effect Sheer Knee-Highs Moony
    Regular Price €12.95 as low as €6.48
  4. Lycia 15 Veiled Knee-high Lycia 15 Veiled Knee-high
    as low as €7.95


Oroblù knee-highs are the best ally for the busy everyday life and guarantee absolute comfort, the best choice for a feminine look without sacrificing comfort.

Suitable for both an elegant outfit with high heels and an informal outfit with flat shoes, the Oroblù knee-highs are available in a wide range of yarns and colors, including the inevitable flesh color to choose in the right shade for your complexion.

Whether they are short or long knee-highs, they are a must-have in every woman's wardrobe.