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Oroblù Eco Sneakers Tights

Finally, the tights to wear with sneakers and boots.

Eco Sneakers Tights are born, the tights to match with the new way of dressing of every woman.
A woman who wears flat shoes to juggle her daily commitments.

Extreme comfort thanks to the elasticity conferred by LYCRA &reg, exclusive fibre and partner of the project.

A special reinforcement in the part of the foot makes the tights, inside the shoe, comfortable and more resistant, therefore durable.

The use of recycled materials, both for the tights and for the packaging, are a symbol of how we can all choose to be on the side of the environment without sacrificing the look.

That's why Eco Sneakers Tights are #StrongEco

Eco sneakers Tights


Eco Sneakers Tights was created with the intention of being worn with sneakers and boots. It is therefore proposed in three fancy patterns: a polka dot, a geometric and a net. Versatile patterns, that combined with sneakers, boots shoes and boots give way to create countless casual and fashionable looks.


The use of LYCRA &reg, makes the tights extremely soft, tight and durable, being a fiber that has remarkable elasticity and recovery properties.
A fine yarn that improves all the fabrics and garments in which it is used.


Thanks to the special reinforcement in the foot, Eco Sneakers Tights is very strong and resistant, therefore, particularly suitable for low shoes that usually stretch the sock.
Wasting less is also a sustainable action.


Eco Sneakers Tights is made with nylon coming from regenerated raw materials at Zero Kilometer that exclude the use of virgin polyamide.
Even the pack is completely sustainable: all its parts are made of recycled and recyclable materials.

OROBLÙ AND LYCRA &reg, a successful collaboration

Lycra Oroblù

The new tights experience is born from the collaboration between Oroblù and LYCRA®, two realities that, thanks to the constant research, the continuous listening to women's needs and the monitoring of the great fashion trends, have found the way to provide practical solutions to everyday life. LYCRA &reg, the most famous elastic fibre, with extraordinary properties of flexibility and return, able to add comfort and freedom of movement to every garment.
Oroblù, a guarantee of quality, attention to details and continuous stylistic research. Together they have been able to create a real and tangible value, which starts from the raw material and arrives to the drawer of your house

#StrongEco Experience in the round.

We have involved influencers from all over the world, so that they can tell us the secrets of Eco Sneakers Tights, its features, its pluses, but above all that they can give us many ideas on how to best combine the tights with boot shoes, sneakers or boots.

Start living, through their unboxing, the new experience of dressing fashion and sustainable. Collect their impressions, copy the looks you like the most.

Bag for free buying at least 3 tights Eco Sneakers.

With the purchase of at least 3 tights Eco Sneakers you will receive the exclusive eco-friendly bag for free.
It is made of 100% recyclable paper and finished with a special strap that comes from the recovery of socks that have not passed quality control during production.

bag oroblu ecosostenibile

Discover the 3 patterns of the Eco Sneakers Tights

Collant in Filato Riciclato Eco Sneakers - Black Dot

Eco Sneakers Recycled Yarn Tights - Black Dot

Collant in Filato Riciclato Eco Sneakers - Black Geometric

Eco Sneakers Recycled Yarn Tights - Black Hexagon

Collant in Filato Riciclato Eco Sneakers - Black Hexagon

Eco Sneakers Recycled Yarn Tights - Black Geometric