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Knee Highs All Colors 20

5,95 €

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Springlike version of ALL COLORS knee-highs, MI BAS ALL COLORS 20 are made with Progress 3dimension technology and precious yarns, giving them softness and a perfect wearability, in addition to an uniform, close-knitted and slippery stitch. ALL COLORS 50 knee-highs are Slide Touch, the fabric of pants and dresses slides on the knee-highs, always ensuring an ideal wearability. n the last years is more and more strong the importance of colors for fashion, so Oroblù completed the ALL COLORS series, proposing a lighter version, meeting the customer's desire to be all the fashion and to appear attuned to her mood, in every season. MI BAS ALL COLORS 20 is available in a large a range of colors, from the most even, dusty and pastel shades to pure, shocking, lacquered and vibrant shades. Soft and comfortable border. Ironed.
  • Poliammide
  • 80% Polyamide 20% Elastane
  • VOBC01228