1. 100 Denier 1 item
  2. 120 1 item
  3. 20 1 item
  4. 40 1 item
  5. 50 4 items
  6. 60 4 items
  7. 70 1 item
  8. 80 1 item

Opaque Tights

Together with color and pattern, deniers are the main element in choosing a tights. From 50 denier on, they are defined as opaque tights. Oroblù offers a wide choice of opaque: from microfiber tights to tights in natural materials; from timeless solid colors such as black to more colorful and trendy colors. Innovative, elastic and soft materials that wrap the legs giving unparalleled comfort. Opaque stockings are perfect to wear with skirts, mini dresses and shorts. Discover the whole range and have fun creating your personal outfit.