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  1. Solange Light footprotector Bipack Solange Light footprotector Bipack
    as low as CHF 5.90
  2. Solange Invisible footprotector Solange Invisible footprotector
    as low as CHF 10.50
  3. Solange Classic Footprotector Bipack Solange Classic Footprotector Bipack
    as low as CHF 11.40
  4. Solange Sport sock Bipack Solange Sport sock Bipack
    as low as CHF 10.50
  5. Lace Effect No Show Socks Luna Lace Effect No Show Socks Luna
    Regular Price CHF 100.00 as low as CHF 50.00


Ideal for the summer season and beyond, Oroblù ghost socks are available in different models: invisible ghosts, ideal for décollété and ballerinas shoes, or with the visible edge, suitable for sneakers. Discover the entire Oroblù range and be amazed by the perfect fit: the ghost socks remain perfectly positioned without tightening.